Campsites Vs Wild Camping

Campsites or Wild Camping?


A privately owned space offering designated spaces for camping in either a tent, caravan or motorhome/campervan. 

Wild Camping (Off grid) 

The practice of camping in an area which is not specifically designated for camping and is commonly undertaken by the roadside in laybys with no/little access to amenities, rather than on a campsite.

There is a good argument for both wild camping and campsite

camping. It really depends on the individual and the circumstances surrounding
the chosen selection.


Campsites provide a safe space where you can pitch up and
relax. Typically there will be ample space for parking the motorhome with
enough space to the side where you can set up a picnic table and chairs for
outdoor living. Some pitches are large enough to setup an additional awning.
Our vehicles are equipped with a sun awning but you do not require an ‘awning
pitch’ to use it. An awning pitch refers to the type of additional tent-like
structure that you may see fitted to a caravan.

Safety – Campsites often have secure access, with vehicular
barriers on entry. Some sites may provide a key fob which allows you re-entry
to the campsite if you need to vacate during your stay.  There are normally speed bumps across the
whole site’s road network to encourage low speeds, reducing risk of harm to
children whilst playing. Being on campsites often provides you with a sense of
community. The camping, caravan & motorhome community are at one and whilst
on a campsite, you’re all in it together. Everyone is always friendly and
there’s always someone around to lend a hand

On-site shop – Forgotten something? Most sites have a handy
shop where you can buy basic supplies. From toilet roll to milk. There’s likely
to be a premium charge for items on display but it’s there if you need it.

Facilities – Although our motorhomes are fully equipped with
a toilet and shower, it is compact. Nearly all campsites are rated on their
toilet and showering facilities so these areas are typically well kept and
cleaned around the clock. This provides a more roomy space to freshener up
after a long journey!

A campsite’s facilities block will often provide:

Toilets and showers

Hair drying stations

Grey waste water disposal

Black waste water disposal (motorhome toilet

Clothes washing/drying

Fresh water

Green spaces & play parks – Campsites will often have a
large green space where you can play ball games etc. Some will also have a
playpark for the children, which provides a perfectly safe space for all the

The downside to campsites


Popular sites with great facilities, in great locations tend
to book early which means availability could be scarce if you’re not organised.
That said, there are thousands of campsites across the United Kingdom to choose
from. Even if you’re a late booking, there will always be some site hiding
somewhere. You just need to look. We recommend to find a campsite
to suit your preference.


Campsites are charged per night with a minority of sites
hiking their prices following Covid restrictions. But you get what you pay for.
Note that some sites require a minimum number of nights in the high season.


As campsite require ample space, it’s rare you will find a
campsite in immediate proximity to a city centre… Although our home city of
York has one right in the heart of it by the River Ouse – York Rowntree Park
Club Campsite | The Caravan Club

With that in mind, you may need to travel from the campsite
to reach local attractions and amenities. So plan carefully. Some of the better
campsites have great links to public transport and may have a bus stop close

The Ups

Safety & security

Child’s playparks

Guaranteed space (assuming pre-booking)

On-site facilities, shop and perhaps a bar/restaurant

The Downs

Lacking in last minute availability


Busy in high season

Location and proximity to tourist
attraction/city centre/shops

Wild Camping

This option gives you a real sense of freedom and

But this option is not for the faint hearted and definitely
not for those with a young family due to the 
unpredictability of the unknown! 
For example, if you have researched a particular stretch of road or a
layby that’s available for ‘24 hour motorhome parking’, it’s likely that others
may well be too familiar with this too, which in turn may result in a lack of
space for you to park for the evening. This can cause upset, disappointment and
event stress in finding a new location.

However, if you find the right space you might just be
rewarded with spectacular views or even perhaps a secluded beach-front space
that you can temporarily call your own!

The Ups

Access to stunning, secluded views.

A sense of freedom and excitement

Free of charge

The Downs

guaranteed space upon arrival

Might be moved on by the local authority, land
owner or police

Lack of safety and security